Our School


Elk Creek Elementary is located in New Castle, Colorado, which serves as the gateway to the Western Colorado Rocky Mountains and is located along the Colorado River. New Castle is a charming community with strong values set amongst the beauty of the mountains.

At Elk Creek Elementary we believe in empowering children to become extraordinary. We accomplish our mission through the hard work of our students, strong partnership with our families, and the dedication of our staff.

A typical day at ECE for students includes quality core instruction in reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Our goal is to provide each grade level with 4-8 field experiences each year. These can include field trips, onsite gardening, walking field trips to local organizations like the police department, or bus field trips to local museums and farms.

Students schedules include specials rotations that consist of PE, music, art, library, and character education. Each grade level has a yearly musical performance for families and our community. Our character education includes bully prevention education for all students. We have monthly character assemblies to recognize students and practice our character traits.

Kindergartners through 2nd grade have three recesses per day and students in 3rd –5th grade have two recesses each day. The last recess of the day is considered a teaching recess. Teachers work with students to plan and play traditional playground games. They teach the rules of games, how to solve conflicts within games, how to win with grace, and how to lose with grace, among other things.

Students are recognized for good choices and hard work on a daily basis with our Epic Eagle awards. Students can receive Epic Eagles for demonstrating our character traits. After receiving the recognition from the teacher students go to the office for a quick celebration and a stamp on the hand. Each teacher collects the tickets for a drawing on Thursdays. If a student’s ticket is drawn, they paint their handprint on the walls at ECE.  

Each teacher also recognizes two or three (and sometimes more) students each week with a Pat on the Back. Pat on the Backs can be given for completing homework, taking care of a friend, or for any demonstration of outstanding citizenship. Students who receive Pat on the Backs are announced on Thursdays to come to the office for a book, a pencil, and a “pat on the back from the principal.

Every student is encouraged, nurtured, and challenged every day at Elk Creek Elementary. Because all students are supported and embraced in a culture of high expectations, Elk Creek Elementary is an extraordinary place to learn!